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  • Charitable Giving for 2021

    In 2021, we continued to support organizations working to protect biodiversity. Here is a round-up of what we donated!
  • Saving monarchs with the Monarch Joint Venture

    There have been a lot of news stories about how monarch butterfly populations are in decline from what they were just a decade ago. While this is d...
  • Save our Hoosier Wetlands

    Indiana's wetlands are a fraction of what they used to be, and a new bill in the state senate threatens the environmental protections of those that remain. Since native plants, wildlife, and people all depend on wetlands, we've designed a poster to help spread the word about conservation of these natural treasures!
  • Charitable giving for 2020

    Blue Aster Studio loves to support environmental organizations, and here is the charitable giving we were able to do in 2020.
  • Charitable giving for 2019

    Looking back at 2019, we round up the charitable giving Blue Aster Studio customers made possible.