Our Story

We're David and Jennie Orr, the husband and wife team behind Blue Aster Studio. We started Blue Aster as a way to share our love for science and nature. Many of our designs start with a personal experience. Whether we're watching pollinators in our native plant gardens or hiking trails in state or national parks, we love to spend time in nature. We take these natural experiences and turn them into beautiful artwork or cute illustrations!

One of the most fulfilling parts of running Blue Aster Studio is connecting with other nature lovers! We love to hear from scientists who finally find a button that represents their research or wildlife rehabilitators who tell us that our products have helped them start conversations and win people over with cool animal facts.

Handmade with Care

Blue Aster Studio is a small company that we run from our solar-powered home in Bloomington, IN. All of our designs are our original work, and most merchandise is produced by hand, on site.

Because we love and respect the environment, we make every effort to work sustainably, using recycled, reused, and compostable materials whenever possible.

We also make every effort to use our business for good. Not only is it part of our livelihood, it helps us support the causes we care about. Every year, we donate a portion of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that research and protect the environment.