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A vinyl sticker with the words "Slow Moving Hiker" in an orange triangle with a reddish orange border.
A triangular Slow Moving Hiker sticker next to a USD quarter to show scale.
A hand holding a sticker in the shape of a slow moving triangle with the words "Slow Moving Hiker" on it.

Slow Hiker Sticker

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Whether you like to take in the scenery or you just live your life at a slower pace, we've got the hiking sticker for you! This sticker is a perfect warning to your hiking buddies that you will not be racing with them down the trail. It is also the perfect gift for your wildlife biologist/naturalist/botanist friend that has ever turned the 1 mile easy hike into a 3 hour adventure! Put this sticker on your water bottle, laptop, or bumper to show off your love for adventure and hiking and tell everyone you're part of the slow hiker club. Everyone needs a little reminder to hit the trail but maybe take it a little slower!

This is a 3” vinyl sticker. For use indoors and outdoors.