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A monarch chrysalis enamel pin.
A monarch butterfly chrysalis enamel pin next to a USD quarter for scale.
An enamel pin in the shape of a monarch butterfly chrysalis being held by a hand to show scale.
A monarch chrysalis enamel pin on a gray canvas jacket. The pin is photographed at an angle to show the shine of the metal.
A hand holding the chrysalis enamel pin showing the back. It shows the black rubber clasp as well as the Blue Aster Studio stamp in the metal.

Monarch Chrysalis Enamel Pin

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Watching the monarch butterfly life cycle happen before our eyes inspired this enamel pin design. We feel so lucky to have had the chance to raise monarch caterpillars on our porch and watch them devour the milkweed we've planted in our gardens.

This hard enamel pin is green and gold with black plated nickel. There is a small hint of sparkly glitter in the gold spots to make it catch in the sun just like a real monarch chrysalis. This enamel pin is perfect for every monarch butterfly lover! It would make a great addition to your jacket, backpack or tote bag. Make a statement with this cool chrysalis! Maybe you will start a conversation and inspire more people to plant milkweed to help save the monarchs!

The enamel pin measures 1" (26mm) and has a black rubber clutch.