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A vinyl sticker with an illustration of a barred owl and the words "I'm A Hoot" above it.
An owl sticker with a USD quarter next to it to show scale.

Hoot Owl Sticker

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Who whoo whoo is the funniest bird? Well, according to this sticker, it's the barred owl! This cute illustration of an owl with the words "I'm A Hoot" is the sticker for the jokester. Maybe it describes you, or someone you know that can't pass up telling a good "dad joke!" A great gift for the birder, falconer, or raptor rehabber in your life! Put this sticker on your water bottle, laptop or car to let everyone know you're just as much of a hoot as a barred owl!

This is a 3" circular vinyl sticker. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.