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A portrait of a frog.
A frog screen print.

Frog Screen Print

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This screen printed portrait of a frog is full of personality! From the big smile to the twinkle in his yellow eyes, it is just full of that froggy goodness. Frogs and other amphibians are some of our favorite critters to find, whether we're exploring wetlands or woods. And we love when their chorus begins each year, letting us know that springtime is on its way. So whether you're a herper or just love these ribbitting friends, this print might be the perfect addition to your art collection.

We designed, illustrated and hand printed these ourselves. Each print is unique; slight variations in color and registration are to be expected.

- Ink: 5 from 5 screens, non-toxic water based silkscreen inks.

- Each print is hand signed and numbered.

- Size: 8 x 10 inches

- Paper: 100lb bright white cover stock: construction white from French Paper Co.

- Print not sold with frame.