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An art print of an illustrated blue jay holding an acorn in his beak.

Blue Jay Art Print

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This art print features a blue jay with an acorn in its beak. The illustration was inspired by watching the birds in our own backyard. We love to set out special treats for the blue jays (peanuts are of course their favorites) and watch them hide them all over the neighborhood! They also do us the favor of planting oak trees when they hide - and then forget about - acorns they collect from our neighbors' yards.

This bird print would make a bold and cheerful addition to your home or office. If you're looking for a great gift for the bird watcher, naturalist, or backyard bird enthusiast in your life, look no further!

This is an art print of our original screen print of this design.
- Open edition art print
- Dimensions: 5" by 7”
- Paper: Heavy card stock, felt texture