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Blue Aster Studio

Beaver Screen Print

Beaver Screen Print

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This screen print of three beavers hanging out in a wetland is our tribute to our favorite little ecosystem engineers. Beavers play an important role in the creation and management of wetlands across the country, earning them the title of a keystone species. The dams beavers create help to maintain a whole habitat for so many other species. This wildlife scene is printed five inks including two shades of brown, green, blue and black. This is a terrific gift for rodent or wetland lovers, and would look great on any wall in your home or office.

We designed, illustrated and hand printed these ourselves. Each print is unique; slight variations in color and registration are to be expected.

- Ink: 5 from 5 screens non-toxic water based silkscreen inks.

- Edition: Each print is hand signed and numbered.

- Size: 10 x 8 inches

- Paper: cover stock, bright white color, from French Paper Co.
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