An organic cotton turkey vulture tote bag. The bag has a turkey vulture face screen printed on it in black and red.
A heavy canvas tote with a turkey vulture screen printed on it.
A close-up of the turkey vulture screen printed design on the tote bag.
A close-up of the handle stitching on the turkey vulture tote bag.
A picture showing the handle stitching on the tote bag.
A close up of the canvas bag.

Turkey Vulture Tote Bag

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Celebrate a wonderful member of nature's clean up crew with our turkey vulture tote bag! These birds don't get enough respect for all the great ecological benefits they provide the world. And all the cool things they do! Now you can carry a cute vulture face around to help you start conversations like "Did you know turkey vultures help to clean up dead animals so that they don't sit around and spread diseases?" or "Wanna know how vultures scare off predators?" Our organic cotton bag is durable and eco-friendly making it great for everyday use. From groceries to school books to your normal must haves, this bag can handle them all!  The vulture design is hand screen printed in black and red on each tote with care.

Measurements: 15" Wide x 16"
Fabric Content: 100% Organic Cotton