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A vinyl sticker of a cartoony illustration of a lightning bug flying and lighting up.
The firefly sticker sitting next to a USD quarter to show scale.
A hand holding the glow in the dark lightning bug sticker.
The lightning bug sticker glowing in the dark.

Lightning Bug Sticker

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Want to have a little reminder of magical summer evenings throughout the year? Well, now you can with this lightning bug sticker! Whether you call them lightning bugs or fireflies, we're sure you'll love this cute little glow-in-the-dark sticker. We love the glow of these little insects in the backyard during the summer months. And now you can have one glowing on your water bottle, laptop, or car all year round!

This is a 2.7" x 3" vinyl sticker for use indoors and outdoors.

💡How to get the best glow from your lightning bug sticker: Charge your glow in the dark sticker by exposing it to direct light (☀️UV light is best). The more light it is exposed to during the day, the more and longer it will glow in the dark. Recharge daily for a lightning bug show at night!