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A 1.5 inch pinback button featuring an illustration of a goose with its beak open wide and the words "Honked Off" above it.
A hand holding the honked off goose button that is on a backing card with the Blue Aster Studio logo on it.

Honked Off Goose Button

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Geese are wonderful creatures, but you don't want to get on their bad side! This is a button that celebrates the great protector of the waterways, the honking goose. Whether you work with wildlife or have a neighborhood goose that likes to keep the retaining pond clear of everything not goose-like, this is a button for you! A great button for all lovers of wildlife. This button would make a perfect addition to your jacket, backpack or tote bag! Make a statement and connect with your fellow honked off people! And always remember to give the geese their space.

This is a 1.5" pin back button.