Wear your own Turkey Vulture!

Tee shirt in charcoal gray with a red and white graphic of a turkey vulture head, in a circle.

We're excited to announce that our first tee shirt is available for order! Just in time for Vulture Awareness Day, we've launched a lovely tee featuring our turkey vulture artwork with a Bonfire campaign. If you've never used Bonfire, it's a great site that allows small creative businesses like us to offer tees without the need for buying and storing a huge stock of tees. We have four tee shirt styles available, and have kept the prices reasonable!

Bonfire campaigns have set durations, and ours lasts 20 days, so you have until September 24 to grab one of these turkey vulture shirts for yourself. Tees will ship in October. We hope our fellow members of the turkey vulture fan club are as excited about the tee as we are!