A grow native plants sticker sitting among Prairie Moon Nursery seed packets. Some nodding onion seeds are scattered on the table top.

New year, new gardening sticker!

How many of you have grow native plants (or grow more native plants) on your list of goals for the new year? We definitely have it on our list of resolutions for 2022. And we made this new sticker as a nice little reminder to keep you focused on your goals!

You may recognize the design from our recently released tote bag. It has proven to be a popular design with our fellow native plant gardeners, so we thought it would be fun to create a sticker as well!

A hand holding a sticker reading "Grow Native Plants." The words are surrounded by plants such as wild petunia, trillium, oak acorns, milkweed, goldenrod, coneflower, and rudbeckia. A swallowtail butterfly, monarch caterpillar, and katydid are also visiting the plants.

The plants and animals depicted in the design are all favorites from our own urban wildlife garden. A meadow katydid, monarch caterpillar, and tiger swallowtail butterfly are nestled among coneflower, goldenrod, milkweed, rudbeckia, wild petunia, and trillium. Maybe creating this design was a way for us to fight off the winter blues by remembering all of the pollinators and other animals we provided habitat for last summer... and to prepare for the spring gardening season to come!

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