Keep Us Wild

Keep Us Wild

Check out our latest work in progress! We've had this wildlife design in mind for a while and have been tossing around ideas of what animals we'd like to include and the wording of the banner. We'll be making this into a vinyl sticker that will be available by the end of February.

Pencil sketch of a bear, fox, owl, turtle, raccoon, opossum, snake, and bird holding a flag.

We're so happy to have finally landed on a design that we're really proud of and will be adding Keep Us Wild to the flag. We thought it would be a great design to draw attention to animals that often get taken from the wild and raised by humans.

Raising a wild animal is never a good idea (unless you are licensed for wildlife rehabilitation!) Like all creatures, animals have very specific dietary needs that cannot always be met with food available to the general public. They also need animals to teach them how to be raptors, opossums, foxes, etc. Without the proper examples from their species they will imprint on humans and never be able to live in the wild.

We also don't want wild animals to become acclimated to humans. If a wild animal becomes dependent on a food source in a neighborhood (food left out for these creatures by misinformed but well-meaning people) it could become too brazen around people and possibly need to be euthanized because it becomes a threat.

If you ever come across an animal that you feel might need help, please stop and contact your local wildlife rescue center or department of natural resources. The best possible outcome for wild animals is to get them to people who know how to keep them wild.

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