A selection of Blue Aster Studio pins, buttons, and stickers tucked into an EcoEnclose padded mailer

Eco-friendly Packaging

As creators of nature-inspired art and gifts, we want to do as much as we can to be environmentally friendly. It feels good to donate to conservation charities every year, but it's  equally important to be sustainable every day. Here are some steps we've taken to protect the natural wonders that inspired us to start our small art and design business!

Product Packaging

We try to keep our packaging minimal. When sending our stickers, we use a simple cardstock pouch that can be dropped into the recycling bin, and our pins have a simple card backer with no bag. For our wildlife stationery packs, we've opted for a kraft paper box with a cut out window. This box allows us to package the cards without any plastic.

When we're tabling at live events, many customers want to adorn their jackets or bags with our buttons immediately, and we gladly take back the backers for reuse!

One area where we're keen to improve is in acid-free bags for our prints. A more sustainable product that still protects the artwork while it's stored and shipped is high on our wish list!

A collection of Blue Aster Studio products including a 5x7 art print of a box turtle, a luna moth sticker, and a "Hit The Trail" button.

Shipping our art

EcoEnclose was a wonderful discovery, allowing us to move away from single-use plastics in our padded mailers. Their padded mailers are made of 100% recycled material and are fully biodegradable. The compostable padding material keeps our buttons and stickers safe and is easy on the Earth.

Not everything can fit in a padded mailer, so we use recyclable cardboard boxes for larger orders. As fill material, recyclable newsprint or kraft paper works like a charm, and when we do use plastic, it's reused.

Since our shop provides email confirmation and easily printed receipts, we opt not to include these in our shipments.

 A kraft paper padded mailer with Blue Aster Studio wildlife stickers, buttons and an enamel pin coming out of it.

Nobody's perfect and we certainly have room to improve. We are always trying to find ways to cut waste and become more sustainable. If you have any hot tips for us, please reach out to us!

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