A stack of boxes of wildflower stationery sets that include cards with pictures of wild columbine, New England asters, black-eyed Susans, and scarlet bee balm flowers on them.

Blue Aster Studio at the Monroe County Garden Fair

Join us at Bloomington's Switchyard Park on April 15, 2023 for the Monroe County Master Gardeners Association's Garden Fair! We had such a great time at this event last year. So we were really excited to be invited back for another day of geeking out with our fellow gardeners! Whether you're into pollinator conservation and ecological landscaping or looking for advice related to invasive species and habitat restoration, you'll find what you need at this garden fair.

Stop by our booth between 9am and 4pm to say hi and check out our original, nature-inspired art and gifts. We love chatting with people from our hometown who share our love of animals and plants!

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