A photo mosaic of Indiana native plants in the autumn, including white flowering dogwood leaves, ironweed seed heads, goldenrod with a bumblebee, and new england aster with brown-eyed-susans

Autumn in our wildlife garden

Autumn is in full swing in our yard, so we wanted to share some of what's happening. Maybe it will give you some ideas for your own garden! Winter is definitely around the corner, but there are still plenty of beautiful colors, shapes, and textures to enjoy.
Red leaves of a white flowering dogwood tree backlit by the sun.
Red and green leaves of a foxglove beardtongue with blooming calico asters around it.
Trees like the dogwood (top) get all of the love for their changing colors, but plants like foxglove beardtongue (bottom) show off how pretty the leaves of garden flowers can be!
Milkweed seeds with fluffy white tufts emerging from an open seed pod.
Common milkweed
Fluffy tan seeds of ironweed.
Round seed heads of bee balm standing tall in the garden.
Bee balm
We like to keep the seed heads of our plants intact through fall and winter, both to feed wildlife and spread the plants around the neighborhood as well as to enjoy their interesting shapes and textures.
Bright purple new england aster flowers with yellow brown-eyed susan flowers blooming in the background.
Bright yellow goldenrod flowers being visited by a bumblebee and a honeybee. There is a spiky coneflower seedhead next to it.
We love flowers like asters (top) and goldenrods (bottom) for the pops of color they add to the garden in the fall, but even better, they keep feeding bees and other pollinators through the season.
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