A collection of three vinyl stickers including a deaths head hawk moth, an orb weaver spider, and a bat with the words "Bat's So Awesome"
A vinyl sticker of an illustrated deaths head hawk moth next to a USD quarter for scale
A vinyl sticker of an illustrated cartoon bat flying in front of a full moon with the words "Bat's So Awesome"
A vinyl sticker of an illustration of an orb weaver spider in a hexagon purple shape

Spooky Halloween Sticker Pack

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Do you count down the days until Halloween? Then you might love these stickers! We wanted to take our love of animals and insects and turn it into the perfect set of stickers. This set includes a bat sticker, a death's-head hawkmoth sticker, and a banded orb weaver spider sticker. Great for the Halloween season or all year round!  Makes a perfect water bottle sticker, laptop sticker or even bumper sticker! Make a statement and connect with your fellow spooky people!

This is a set of 3 vinyl stickers which are for use indoors and outdoors. Their measurements are as follows:
bat - 3" x 2.9"
hawk moth - 4" x 2.4"
spider - 2.8" x2.4"