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A vinyl sticker of an illustration of a raccoon surrounded by mushrooms.
The raccoon vinyl sticker sitting next to a USD quarter for scale.
The raccoon vinyl sticker being held in a hand.

Raccoon Sticker

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A fuzzy raccoon surrounded by mushrooms! Uhhh, yes please! This raccoon and shrooms sticker is a must-have for lovers of wildlife. Whether you relate to their puzzle solving skills or their love for whatever food they can get their hands on, we guarantee you'll love showing off this sticker to all your friends. Stick it to your laptop, water bottle, bumper, or wherever you like to show off your sticker collection! Take this little trash panda sticker with you wherever you go and connect with your fellow raccoon people!

This is a 3.2” x 2.6" durable vinyl sticker which is rated for use indoors and outdoors.