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Blue Aster Studio

Cherish Wild Things Sticker

Cherish Wild Things Sticker

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This lovely vinyl sticker features wildlife and prairie plants! A ribbon reading 'Cherish Wild Things' wraps around an assortment of birds, pollinators, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. A perfect sticker for every prairie lover! Put this botanical sticker on your water bottle or laptop to show off your love for all things wild.

Wildlife including: tiger swallowtail butterfly, gray tree frog, chipmunk, Le Conte's sparrow, six-lined racerunner lizard, masked shrew, fox snake, eastern tailed-blue butterfly, and ornate box turtle as well as sweet joe-pye weed, tall headed coneflower, purple coneflower, and hoary vervain).

This is a 2.6" by 3.7” vinyl sticker which is scratch and weatherproof. For use indoors and outdoors.
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